Harassment and Discrimination for Employees

Grasp the essentials of workplace harassment prevention through this online course. Covers workplace rights, ADA compliance, EEOC complaints, and more. 

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Harassment refers to unwelcome and offensive behavior, often repetitive, that creates an uncomfortable or hostile environment for the victim. Discrimination involves treating individuals unfairly or unfavorably based on certain characteristics like race, gender, or disability. Unfortunately, both harassment and discrimination can often happen in places of work.  

Our online training can help empower employees to combat harassment and discrimination. It covers a variety of topics including workplace rights, sexual harassment, EEOC complaints, hiring/firing practices, ADA compliance, and more. Stay in compliance with federal laws and contribute to a safer workplace environment by enrolling today! 

Learning Outcomes

Topics Covered  

  • Employee Rights in the Workplace
  • Pertinent Federal Laws on Job Discrimination
  • Reporting Discrimination or Harassment Processes
  • Procedures for Filing Complaints with the EEOC
  • Impact of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • Unwanted Sexual Advances and Conduct
  • Prevention Strategies for Sexual Harassment
  • Identifying Situations and Behaviors
  • Discriminatory Hiring and Firing Practices
  • Discrimination Against Americans with Disabilities
  • Implementation of Open-Door Policies
  • Addressing the Problem of Workplace Bullying

What You’ll Learn  
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand employee rights in the workplace.
  • Advocate for fair and equal consideration and treatment.
  • Navigate pertinent federal laws on job discrimination.
  • Follow processes for reporting discrimination or harassment.
  • Comprehend procedures for filing complaints with the EEOC.
  • Recognize the impact of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Define sexual harassment and its components.
  • Identify unwanted sexual advances and conduct.
  • Assess the creation of an intimidating or hostile work environment.
  • Embrace the goal of eliminating sexual harassment.
  • Apply prevention strategies for sexual harassment.
  • Identify situations and behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment.
  • Evaluate discriminatory hiring and firing practices.
  • Recognize discrimination against Americans with disabilities.
  • Understand the implementation of open-door policies.
  • Address the problem of workplace bullying. 

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