Our OSHA Outreach Courses

Have a look at what some of our clients have to say about our quality OSHA courses.

I have taken many safety courses in my 30 plus years in the pipefitting industry, and this is probably one of if not the most informative programs I have ever taken.

I gained knowledge of some ignored practices. I now will acknowledge some of the wrong things going on in the field and maybe stop someone from getting hurt. In sum, I like the course very much and would recommend it to anyone in the construction field.

This is one of the best online interactive programs I have seen. The links to OSHA, glossary, professional trainer, etc., and sidebars, indicate that considerable planning went into this course development. It allows each worker to study at his/her own level, and provides access to background information that may be unfamiliar.

I am the Safety Director for a general contractor employing 68 personnel. In addition to personal development, I took this course to evaluate it for use initially for our supervisory personnel, and eventually for all personnel. It will receive my strong recommendation, beginning with employees who already have computer skills.

This course shows that AdvanceOnline understands key teaching concepts and methods. I was very impressed with the presentation, organization and repetitious use of available audio, visual, and text capabilities. Furthermore, unlike traditional classroom training, this online training allows trainees to set their own pace, repeat/re-read material, and/or conduct extra research as necessary. I feel I got much more out of it than I would have in a class setting.

I believe it is more stringent (testing and examination) to make up for lack of in-person interaction; relevant website links and case studies help to fill in the gap of not having in-person training. Overall this is very effective training. I feel that I am better qualified than if I took the in-person test.

For most of the classes you can attend there is no testing, so some people can literally sleep through the class without any benefit. Overall a good course that makes sure at least the 'common knowledge' information is passed along to the people who need it most.

Self-paced. Could do it on my time versus having to take time from busy work schedule during the work day. I was also fairly impressed with how the course worked. I found the information very useful as a Senior Project Manager for a construction management firm. I will definitely be more 'aware' of safety issues when I go to job sites.

You could go at your own pace and take more or less time on different topics, depending on how well you understood them. I would recommend this course to anyone who goes to various locations and different types of sites as a good way to understand what they should and shouldn't do.

Self paced, not requiring a 10 hour commitment all at the same time and the cost was reasonable. This is my first 'online', distance learning experience and I found it very beneficial.

Generally a good course with good information in it, and put in a way that new employees could understand.

Our DOT Transportation Safety Courses

The online training courses are excellent and should be used by persons even if they have a transportation background and training. The program is a great way to keep industry aware of the changes that effect new regulations in all the different areas.

Exel Corp.

An excellent tool! I found it to be very informative and easy to understand. It is also convenient to be able to come and go, as my phone rings quite often. I would highly recommend this training tool.

Terri C.

I'm really enjoying these classes. They are set up in a way that are easy to learn. I'm really impressed how much of this relates directly to my job.

David H.

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