What is a NYC SST card?

What is an NYC SST card?

What Is an NYC SST Card?

It seems as if construction in the Big Apple is never-ending with towering skyscrapers popping up on every corner of the city. However, behind the scenes of this dynamic construction landscape lies an important aspect that ensures the safety of workers and the public: the NYC SST Card. In this blog, we'll delve into what exactly the NYC SST Card is, who needs it, and how you can get one. 

Understanding the NYC SST Card

The NYC SST Card, short for Site Safety Training (SST) Card, is a certification mandated by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) for construction workers and supervisors. Its primary purpose is to ensure that individuals working in the construction industry receive adequate safety training to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities on job sites.

This is all due to a new law, Local Law 196, which was implemented in 2017. According to this law, as of March 1, 2021, phase 3 has been enacted. To access any job site with a Site Safety Plan, every worker must now possess either a NYC SST Worker Card or NYC SST Supervisory Card.

Which Courses Do Workers Need for a 40-Hour SST Card? 

Regulations require workers to take 40 hours of training to earn an SST Worker card.  

You may have already completed an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Proctored course. If you have, this counts towards those required 40 hours. You’ll then have 6-months to complete the additional 30 hours of SST to earn your SST Worker Card.

If you have already completed an OSHA 30-Hour Construction Proctored course, you only need to complete an additional 10 hours of DOB-approved safety training.  

Are AdvanceOnline OSHA 10 & 30-Hour Courses Proctored & Accepted by the NYC Department of Buildings? 

Yes, our OSHA 10-Hour Construction Proctored and OSHA 30-Hour Construction Proctored courses are accepted by NYC DOB.

Supervisors are required to complete an additional 62 hours of DOB-approved training to earn their SST Supervisor card. As of December 2019, all supervisors at NYC job sites with a Site Safety Plan must hold a valid SST Supervisor card.

Benefits of Holding an NYC SST Card

There are plenty of benefits to getting your NYC SST card. They include:

  • Enhanced Safety Awareness: NYC SST training equips construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on job sites.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Holding an NYC SST Card demonstrates compliance with NYC DOB regulations, enhancing credibility and professionalism within the construction industry.

  • Career Advancement: Many construction projects in New York City require workers to hold an NYC SST Card. By obtaining this certification, individuals may qualify for a broader range of job opportunities and higher-paying positions.

Take Your NYC SST Training With AdvanceOnline

By completing approved safety training courses and obtaining an NYC SST Card, individuals demonstrate their commitment to safety, regulatory compliance, and professional development. With construction projects continuing to shape the city's skyline, the importance of NYC SST training in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers and the public alike cannot be overstated. Start your NYC SST journey with AdvanceOnline today!

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